Hover Camera 

Hover Camera’s creator  Meng Qiu “MQ” Wang  pulls out a small rectangular device which looks at first sight like an external hard drive .Hover Camera that follows you . He folds the Hover Camera and press a button at the top and throws the Camera into air. Immediately it begin’s hovering smoothly around Meng Qiu Wang. MQ wang now walks around and Hover camera starts following him. He Pushes it and quickly it flies back into place.

hover camera passport


Hover Camera passport which allows anyone to capture photos and video from unique prospectives. To use Hover Camera is Very simple . Hoverd on, flip it open and you can hold anywhere when you let go, it hover automatically and follows you. With a Hover Camera you can take 13 Megapixel Photos and 4K Videos. Inventor of Hover Camera replaced a traditional game ball with electronic image stablization so that your shots are always capture. Other Camera is the first truely autonomous flying camera that anyone can use and is powered by Ground breaking AI technologies. Inventors built a town of sophisticated AI algorithms into the small circuit board.

hover camera passport



It runs a powerful QUALCOMM SNAPDRAGON 801, 2.3 GHz QUAD-CORE PROCESSOR . This enables inventor to run complex calculations locally without the need for remote server. The AI developed in such a way that it reduces the learning curve so that any one can operate it out of the box. That’s why it is designed a revolutionary experience that centers around hovering . Hovering is just more difficult than flying . The reason it hovers so steadily because it’s running optical flow on it’s downward viewing camera and visual slam from the front doing camera . That’s how it gauges his own speed and position at all times. On the top of that advanced flight control algorithms of 1 KHz. Its so intelligent that it follows people automatically as they move around.It does this without GPS but instead using real-time facial and body recognition.This is the most compact

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